PR POV: How To Soak In The Last Bit Of Summer In The City

MY POV / August 12, 2015

Between muggy streetcars, over-crowded sidewalks and the smell of street meat and sewage at every corner, summer in the city can seem opposite of #OnFleek. In the past, my summer days have consisted of beaching, boating and tanning, but this year I decided to switch things up and stay in Toronto, and TBH, this summer has been one of my best yet.

So, for other city-dwellers in The Six, here is a comprehensive list of the Lotus Leaf crew’s ideas for how to spend the last bit of summer in the city:

Indulge in extravagant ice cream: Ice cream is the epitome of summer; you can’t have a summer vacation without enjoying a few ice cream sandwiches (have you tried Bang Bang or Moo Milk Bar?)! Summer is ending, you can relax a little on the #beachbod.

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Explore the city: The Pan Am Path is the PERFECT way to explore the city. Lotus Leaf intern Tejiri provides the best tip on how you can get started, “one of my favourite things to do this summer has been following the #PanAmPath #ArtRelay through all their activation points. The #PanAmPath is an 80km multi-use that goes through different neighbourhoods throughout Toronto. You can run, bike or rollerblade on a beautiful, clean path filled with a variety of artwork along the way.”

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Rooftops are key: It’s all about the Snapchat story to show off your outfit, the crowd and then panning up to the CN tower (’cause we’re cool like that). Valdez and The Porch are really fun and have great rooftops for drinks and tasty fun finger foods! There are also plenty of hotels in Toronto that have rooftop pools. These can cost you some $$$, but they’re guaranteed to be un-crowded and have a killer view. Even intern Kathleen agrees, “I love hitting up rooftop pools, it’s the ultimate way to cool off in a concrete jungle.”

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Fill up at food festivals: There are tons of food festivals and block parties in Toronto. You can spend hours wandering and over-eating at the different food stations, you can catch Angel attending the Waterfront Night Market August 14-16,“there’s great Asian food – grilled octopus, deep fried taro accordion, bubble tea, and more!”


Go to a fitness class: There are bike groups, running teams and complimentary yoga classes around the city. If you do your research, you’ll find an activity that is right for you near your area. Account Executive Jessica signed up for drop-in dance classes at City Dance Corps“it’s a fun activity to do after work and includes cardio hip hop, power barre, ballet boot camp, etc. It’s all levels so if you can’t keep a beat (like me) it’s a fun way to get moving and even more fun doing it with a group of friends or co-workers.”


What are some of your favourite things to do in the city in the summer? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @lotusleafstyle!

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