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Let’s get one thing straight; the PR girl survives off of snacks. Post-breakfast, mid-morning, après-lunch, pre-dinner… get the idea. When you know you’re going to be snacking, you have to get smart about what you eat. Here at Lotus Leaf, we have mastered the art of office snacks (it’s basically a prerequisite for employment) so, we are going to share some of the team’s best meal prep tips with you:

1. Get #DeskSavvy

The key to snacking at work is making sure your food is desk appropriate (read: portable, not overly crunchy and non-smelly). Storing hummus and veggies in the office fridge is an easy go-to, along with dark chocolate and fresh fruit. If you only pack the healthy stuff, you’re more likely to eat it knowing it’s readily available to you.

My desk-mate Shelene has the desk snack scene on lock:

“I’ll usually get a variety of nuts and put them in a mason jar on my desk. I love sweets – so I pick up a bunch of different ones and also have them in a mason jar on my desk. I also keep a big box of different granola bars and a stack of fruits in the fridge. There’s always a snack for everyone in the office at some point in the day.” 

Way to be a team player, Shelene.

2.  The key to good health lies in Tupperware

What do body builders and PR girls have in common (besides an affinity to self-tanner)? The #fitfam also knows that investing in Tupperware makes it that much easier to follow through on planning healthy snacks and lunches.

Danielle (also known as the resident Lotus Leaf Tupperware connoisseur) has some tips on the best ways to utilize the portable containers:

“The first step to making sure you stay on the healthy trend is to prepare the night before. I like to fill a Tupperware container with an apple and some almond butter. Greek yogurt is also the queen of healthy snacks and you can mix it with tons of other tasty things like granola.”

We love disguising our Tupperware, utensils and plenty of snacks in Modern Mary lunch clutches, they’re so luxurious and practical, it’ll make you want to pack a lunch.

3. Sweet Sips

We are obsessed with fruity detox water at the office. It’s fun, healthy and perfect to sip on between meals. We keep citrus fruit slices in the fridge and berry or mint-infused ice cubes in the freezer. However, as any PR girl worth her weight in press releases knows, when all else fails: coffee.

4. No two snacks are alike

Maybe this is obvious, but in order to keep your meals interesting, you have to mix it up. But as Senior Account Coordinator, Jessica, explains, this is the fun part:

“Variety is the spice of life (sorry that was cheesy…mm cheese)! I pack food I know I like/will eat, but if I am in a rut and the spice of life dies out, I have 3 food blogs I follow religiously that inspire my snack/lunch ideas: Spoon Fork Bacon, Skinny Taste and Cookies & Kate.”

5. Treat yo self Tuesday

…or Wednesday, or Thursday. Our office is located in the land of (food) opportunity. Thus, it would be cruel to deny ourselves the occasional cookie(s) from Le Gourmand, guac from Wilbur, or mac-n-cheese stuffed grilled cheese (woah) from CheeseWerks. We love a good snack run as a chance to clear our heads and catch-up with each other during the workday.

Happy snacking!

Written by Kathleen McDonald

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