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Lotus Leaf hires the best of the best when it comes to our internship program. With the freedom to express their creativity, work closely on various accounts and constantly on top of social media trends, interns are powerful force at the agency. Taking advice from the “5 Tips On How To Land A PR Internship,” our four all-star interns have made it to the big leagues and giving YOU the inside scoop on lessons they’ve learned thus far and the grade-A attitude you need to succeed!

Without further ado may we introduce to you our incredible/super fashionable (obvs their fashion game is always on #fleek), intern line-up:



Tejiri: I was going for a clean casual look with a pop of colour. My accessories are Hillberg & Berk and make just the right statement to bring the outfit together. With my makeup I’m all about the neutrals so this is my everyday look. The lipstick I have on is my new obsession, MAC’s Taupe.

Top: Similar found at GUESS / Necklace: Aria from Hillberg & Berk / Bracelets: Hyacinth & Dawa from Hillberg & Berk




Danielle: I’m wearing a comfy grey dress and accessorized by wearing my double lariat necklace. I love this dress because it’s comfortable, super cute and the high low aspect gives it dimension.

Dress: Similar found at GUESS / Sunglasses: Similar found at GUESS / Bangles: ALEX AND ANI / Necklace: Similar found at ALEX AND ANI




Shelene: The boyfriend jeans and blazer look is très chic – you can go to work, go for drinks or go to an event and be perfectly dressed for all! My ALEX AND ANI charm bangle is dainty and pretty, making it my favourite summer accessory.

Blazer: Similar found at GUESS / Bangle: Path of Life from ALEX AND ANI / Earrings: Sparkle Balls from Hillberg & Berk




Kathleen: I live in maxi dresses in the summer, they are so easy, breezy (and beautiful…covergirl).

Dress: Similar found at GUESS / Necklace: Similar found at Hillberg & Berk


What activity do you like the most as an intern?

Tejiri: Events are so much fun! I especially love the post-mortem event meetings, there is always so much to learn from many experienced and talented people.

Danielle: My favourite activity is writing blog posts. It’s great how I am able to write about subjects I’m passionate about (i.e. fashion, beauty, lifestyle, tech) and it’s even more amazing that I get to share my opinion with our wide range of readers.

Shelene: Keeping busy is my favourite activity! I get to do so much as an intern such as building media lists, monitoring KPIs, drafting press releases, pitching out to media or pulling from the showroom. I always have my hands full but in the best way possible.

Kathleen: I love interacting on our social media accounts (and cozying up to the Keurig), but my favourite Lotus Leaf activity is when we have team brainstorms. It’s inspiring to hear what my superiors’ thoughts and ideas are and that they value my opinions too.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned thus far during your internship?

Tejiri: Be a sponge, soak up EVERYTHING! Every internship position is what you make of it so make the most of the opportunities you are given.

Danielle: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I probably ask a thousand questions a day (#sorrynotsorry) but I would rather ask and feel confident in what I’m doing than just guess.

Shelene: Voice and tone is key. I only heard about voice and tone when I was in school for PR, but I never really appreciated its importance until I started my internship. Each client has a different voice and tone and knowing how to mimic these is a skill I’ve quickly learned. Whether I’m doing social or drafting a press release my voice and tone are always changing. This is one skill I’m glad I’ve learned.

Kathleen: I have learned how to manage my time wisely. Some days it can be so busy, I need to be realistic about how much time each task will take and prioritize which things need to be done first.

If you could give advice to anyone who wants to be an intern at a PR agency, what should they know?

Tejiri: Be passionate about what you do and put the work in!

Danielle: Working at a PR agency can get pretty crazy sometimes. Have impeccable time management skills. Everyday, I will write out my list to-do list that can sometimes range from 10-15 bullet points. If I don’t manage my time properly, nothing will get done on time.

Shelene: Come in hungry, pay attention and buy a day planner. You’re here to learn and people are willing to teach. This is your time to soak up as much experience as you can. Make mistakes, learn from them and try to never make the same mistake twice.

Kathleen: Be someone others want to work with. That may not be super tactical advice, but having a good attitude and being willing to work hard makes all the difference. Telling the odd joke also doesn’t hurt. Otherwise, I would suggest fine-tuning your writing skills. Whether it is on social media or pitching to a client, you will be writing constantly. Being a good self-editor is crucial.

What app on your phone do you love but think is underrated?

Tejiri: Headspace or better known as, “the gym membership for the mind.” Andy has TOTALLY changed my life. Get the app if you want to know who Andy is.

Danielle: The app Yik Yak is underrated. I think it’s kind of a university student thing but I think it’s hilarious. People post anonymous status updates about what’s going on in their city or funny things that have happened to them that day.

Shelene: The app I absolutely cannot live without is Instagram but I know that’s not underrated at all. I’m also a low-key foodie so I’d have to go with my second favourite, Urbanspoon – I swear by their ratings! They have never done me wrong and I will forever be their #1 supporter haha!

Kathleen: I am the biggest Snapchat fan ever (speaking of which, are you following our snaps? Add us, @LotusLeafStyle). If you haven’t received a double (jk quadruple) chin picture from me, we aren’t truly friends. I also follow celebrities and influencers and keep up with their daily activities. Lately, I love Annie Georgia Greenberg’s account: @agg3653. She’s Refinery 29’s senior style editor and is always up to something cool, plus she is super witty (girl crush alert). The Live section, which gives you access to stories going on around the world, is another great feature; it really connects you to what’s happening.


We’re always looking for dedicated, creative interns. If you’re interested in being part of the crew at Lotus Leaf don’t be shy, email us:

Copy & photography by Jessica Moy

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