PR POV: How to start the morning off successfully

MY POV / May 13, 2015

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why are there never enough hours in the day?” or “How does Beyoncé do it all?”

Successful individuals such as Marissa MayerBarack Obama and Anna Wintour all have healthy habits and a daily morning routine that help them achieve optimal success.

Success doesn’t always mean ruling a country, being an A-list celebrity or having a million followers on Instagram. To me, success can mean a few things. That can be from accomplishing everything I wanted to do that day or to getting one step closer towards reaching a new goal. We all have our own definitions of success, but these tried and true tips have been proven to enhance your chances at achieving those day-to-day victories:

1. Wake up earlier  

I know, I know. For some people this can seem like a seriously daunting task. This was a struggle for me because I am not a morning person at all. But once I started doing things like placing my alarm further away from my bed or using the app “Wake n Shake” (which makes you shake the phone to turn it off and there’s no snooze button) it started to get easier. If I’m having a really rough morning, I tell myself to think positively and repeat uplifting mantras such as, “Today, I will be great!” or “You can do this!” Obama gets up at 5:00AM every day, and I’d say he’s a pretty busy guy so surely we can get up and make the best of our days too.


2. Get moving! 

Anna Wintour plays tennis every morning before she starts her day. Health professionals say that working out after you wake up in the morning is better for you than at night or even in the afternoon (although by all means, get a workout in whenever you can). I probably sound like a drill sergeant at this point but trust me, start your day with a physical activity and you’ll feel more energized for the day ahead. I like to go to the gym, run intervals and then do some TRX which usually involves some type of plyometric workout like jump squats, elevated mountain climbers and elevated push ups that really get my heart pounding. Not only are workouts good for your health, it boosts your serotonin levels, making you happier and feeling more accomplished.


3. Eat a healthy breakfast  

Successful people never skip the most important meal of the day! I’m not talking about a huge sugary bowl of Count Chocula, which will make you feel more hungry and tired by 10 a.m. I’m talking about a nutritious breakfast that will keep you energized and boost your metabolism. Choose a protein rich breakfast like eggs, a protein smoothie, chia seed pudding, whole wheat toast with avocado, or Greek yogurt and berries. No one wants to see the cranky hangry (hungry meets angry) side of you, so do yourself and everyone else a favour and eat.


 4. Keep a clean space 

Clear space. Clear mind. The most successful people are extremely organized (if not them directly, their team certainly is) – they’re the ones who colour coordinate their closets and put Post-It notes on everything. I like to pick out my outfit and pack my bag, including lunch and snacks the night before so I’m not running around like mad woman trying to figure it out last minute. Try not to leave your bed unmade, your clothes all over the floor and your bathroom a train wreck. Being in a messy environment can subconsciously make you feel stressed out.


5. Create a To-Do list 

The best way to keep your day on track is to write out your goals and tasks you want to complete that day. This is a great way to stay focused and not procrastinate. Writing down three simple tasks such as: “Meeting at 10AM, lunch date at 1PM and walk dog at 6PM” will keep your priorities straight and goals in check.



I hope you find these tips useful in making your day more productive and successful! Some may be tougher than others at first, but soon enough they’ll become second nature and you won’t have to think twice!

Written by Danielle Goguen

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