Meet Gloria Chik, the mastermind behind urbanebloc, the blog-turned-mecca for product reviews, #OOTDs and smart commentary on the people and stories that are trending now. As the director for the popular lifestyle site, Gloria splits her time between New York and Toronto and is an expert at staying organized with chic agendas and organizational apps that have become her every day essentials.

Gloria started urbanebloc after attending business school to express her creativity. From there, the site evolved to encompass design, writing and photography which is now shared with over 20,000 people monthly. Gloria’s Instagram also attracts a large following with à la mode snaps from The Big Apple to the 6ix.

I had the opportunity to speak with the Canadian fashionista to learn more about the influence bloggers have on social media and the importance of taking time for yourself.

How would you describe your personal style?

Gloria Chik (GC): Funky Classics – I used to be such a fan of prints, but over time I’ve found unique cuts and fits dressed up with accessories has been more my vibe lately.

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Bloggers are now seen as influencers, and with social media they can build a business out of blogging, as you have done. What advice would you give to bloggers who want to expand their audience or social media following?

GC: Try new things, don’t be afraid to fumble, and adapt! Blogging has changed so much over time that it’s important to stay relevant by constantly refreshing your  content. You never know what might stick. If SnapChat is the new platform, get on it. If your layout is looking stale, refresh it and learn to do it yourself. If you’re finding that readers are more interested in long format stories…go there. The point is that you should be constantly scouring, keeping organized, and finding ways to monetize your brand.

You seem like you are always on the go, how do you have a work/life balance? Any tips to stay organized?

GC: I’m a hermit on the weekends! Doing something as simple as taking a long walk in the sunshine listening to calming music, or something as mundane as laundry can help. I personally love staying organized by writing things down in a physical agenda (Moleskine!), and using Evernote to keep me honest. For group projects, things like Asana and Evernote really keep you on track, and detailed!


In your 7+ years of Urbanebloc, which posts are you most proud of?

GC: I’m most proud of the personal posts that I’ve put up, where people have messaged me individually to say how they can relate. I am also a fan of the Lady Gaga interview from way back when, before she blew up.

What’s the biggest difference between living and working in NYC and Toronto?

GC: There are so many DISTRACTIONS in New York! It’s fantastic to know that you can walk down the street and get anything you want, but to know that constantly makes it hard to sit still. Toronto has a more chill environment, people aren’t as rigid about the smallest things. Both have their benefits and downfalls, but it’s great to be able to pop in on both cities and figure out what keeps you happy!


Written by Kathleen McDonald

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