Lotus Leaf POV: Our Top 15 Workspace Must-Haves

MY POV / THE AGENCY / April 8, 2015

If you’re someone that works at an office every day, your desk basically becomes your second home. At Lotus Leaf, we enjoy personalizing our workspace in fun ways to inspire productivity and creativity.

Get to know our Lotus Leaf crew through their very own collection of items they keep at their desks.



Tea Tumblr: I sit under the vent and it can get a bit drafty. My Starbucks tumbler keeps my tea warm so it can keep me warm.

Cuticle Wax: I apply Burt’s Bee Cuticle Wax every morning and sometimes again in the afternoon to keep my cuticles in tip top shape.

Moisturizer: This past winter has left my hands dry, but my pear scented lotion is a nice pick me up and keep it close to me always. 



iPad: My iPad (with a Louis Vuitton case!) is always on my desk because I use it for social media work and to keep track of my agenda for the day.

Pencil Case: This Tiffany pencil case is always by my side because in PR, you always have to have a pen and paper ready to take notes!

Sunglasses: Of course, my sunglasses – I arrive in style and leave the office in style.



Water: I always like to stay hydrated. My mason jar filled with water, lemon and cucumber is a refreshing pick-me-up and helps to keep me focused.

Post-It Notes: Post-It are my lifeline, I take notes all the time and place them on my computer screen so I don’t forget even the smallest things. It’s easier than flipping through my notebook to find certain information at times.

Lipstick: I can’t live without my lipstick. I own an embarrassing amount, and always store one in every purse. You never know when you’ll get sucked into a last-minute photoshoot *ahem, Michael* 😉



Pillow: The pillow I received by a Ryerson fashion design student after walking in their Mass Exodus show a few years ago. It keeps my back in good posture, plus it’s cute and fits perfectly on my desk chair.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve: It’s a desk/beauty must-have. Great for not only chapped lips, but also soothing rashes and sunburns (not that I get rashes and sunburns at the office but I like the option of ‘just in case!’).

Artwork: My ice cream artwork was gift by my friend Vanessa of Prairie Girl Musings. She gave it to me during a lunch date we had together last year and I’ve kept it at my desk ever since! It adds a pop of colour and fun personalization to my workspace.



Notebook: I like having a checklist so every morning in my notebook, I write down my tasks for the day so I can prioritize what has to get done and I can make sure I don’t forget anything.

Coffee cards: Coffee cards are necessary. It’s safe to say, I am addicted to caffeine. My morning has to start with either a yummy Starbucks tall vanilla latte, a rich Tim Hortons dark roast double double or a tasty coffee from McDonald’s (let’s be honest, probably with a hash brown, they’re too good to pass up). If I happen to step out in the afternoon, it’s for my afternoon coffee run to get my second wind until the end of the workday

Moisturizer: While walking to work from Union Station is healthy for my body, it has taken its toll on my hands – moisturizing every day is a must.

What are your workspace must-haves? Tell us in the comments below!

Written by Nicole Ballantyne-Choo

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