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If you’re on the hunt for style, beauty and recipe inspiration with a dash mommy and relationship advice – you need to bookmark Canada’s newest and hippest lifestyle site: Destination Femme. Combining fun, relatable content such as a guide to washing your hair once a week or healthy snack recipes that actually taste good, Destination Femme is an interactive site (even featuring creative videos and GIFs!) curated by incredible writers and photographers from right here in Toronto.

We had a chance to sit with three members of Destination Femme team to chat about their Instagram (when combined they have 33K+ followers so, they must be doing something right), daily inspiration and personal style.

Say hello to..

Creative Director: Mel Hwang
Marketing Manager: Sylvia Ta
Staff Writer: Vicky Hui

How would you describe your personal Instagram photos to someone who hasn’t seen them before?

Mel Hwang (MH): Very lifestyle based, but with an inspirational twist. That’s what Instagram is to me – a source for inspiration and for me to put inspiration out there.

Sylvia Ta (ST): White. My Instagram is very white, lots of white space. #VSCOcam

 Vicky Hui (VH): Mine is very fashion curated, although I do like to sprinkle a little lifestyle here and there but high-contrast and lots of outfits everyday. 

Where do you go to find inspiration for your social media/blog posts?

MH: Specifically Instagram, I find inspiration from other bloggers that I follow. I love following bloggers that are new to the scene but produce amazing content. I find they’re so much more genuine and really raw and I get my inspiration from them because it’s not already curated or over-thinking things.

ST: Just browsing Instagram in general, I’ll refresh the popular page very often to see what’s new and what’s popular. Sometimes I like to look at weird hashtags to see who actually hashtags those things and if you’re thinking about that hashtag and I’m thinking about that hashtag, then we must be friends.

VH: This is going to sound cliché, but all the girls in the office provide inspiration because we’re all huge creatives. We all love each other’s photos, we follow each other obviously and we help each other out when we’re taking photos like, oh this looks amazing, you might want to try that. Also, going through followers of Instagram, people that I already follow to see who they like because I feel like if I like them, I’ll probably like who they follow.


Mel, what is your role as Creative Director at Destination Femme?

MH: It’s not as hard as it seems mostly because my team takes care of a lot of it. Being Creative Director is about maintaining the vision that inspired Destination Femme to exist in the first place. With more team expansion comes a lot of other voices and it’s human nature for those voices to conflict so my job is to remind my staff of the vision and have the content be consistent.

Sylvia, you’ve had a lot of success with your personal YouTube channel “BeautyCakez” with over 167K subscribers – why did you start making beauty and fashion videos?

ST: It was an accident. I had a friend who wanted to see how I did my hairstyle one time and I created a video. Back then YouTube wasn’t a cool thing it was just a video sharing space so, I created the video because she lived far away then I checked back on my YouTube channel and there were a couple thousand views so I went on from there.

What’s more important in your personal style – hair, make-up or clothes?

ST: 100% hair!! You can wear the most basic outfit and have awesome hair and you will look so put together. It shapes your face so, definitely hair.

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Vicki, what stories do you like writing or reading about on Destination Femme?

VH: I like writing about DIY’s because it’s so much fun to make something on your own and get a big sense of success because you created it! Such as, if I make a chalkboard mirror that I can write on, it’s so much better than if I spent $20 on it when I can make the same version for $5. I like to do DIY’s and read about them. I also like to read strange stories like, did you know your body can do XYZ that I never knew before because I love learning odd facts everyday as well.

If you want to learn more about Mel, Silvia and Vicki as well as fashion, DIY, tutorials, food, cool people – make sure to check out Destination Femme and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Written by Jessica Moy

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