Can we PLEASE Talk About Beyoncé?

MY POV / THE AGENCY / March 31, 2015

When you enter the office at Lotus Leaf, there are two Songza playlists on rotation: “What Would Beyoncé Do” or “XO, Beyoncé.” To say we’re obsessed is an understatement. My dream of becoming Beyoncé’s BFF so we can brunch and take a stroll through the park with Blue Ivy are not dreams, they’re #lifegoals.

It seems like I’m not the only one crazy in love over Queen Bey, the Lotus Leaf crew feel just as passionate as I do (ah yes, I have found my people).

Here are the top 5 reasons why we love Beyoncé at Lotus Leaf:

1. She has the voice of a million angels

Vocalists classify Beyoncé’s voice as Mezzo-Soprano. I classify her voice as the gateway to paradise. Whether she’s singing a soulful ballad (prettyyyyy hurtssss, we shine the light on whatever’s worst…..I often just break out in song, sorry) or a gritty, hip-hop number, Beyoncé has full control of her voice and demands recognition for her talent.

2. She’s a feminist

Beyoncé teaches women to take control of their image, body, sexuality and life. With songs like “**Flawless” and “Run the World (Girls),” she is this generation’s symbol of feminism and will take down the patriarch and ensure equality for all.

3. She gave birth to the future queen of the universe

When you mix Jay-Z and Beyoncé together, you get a future supernova powerhouse. There is no doubt that Blue Ivy will become the next greatest being in the universe and we will all soon bow down to her, but for now we can just gush over how cute she is.

4. She’s tight with her sister

Being a good role model means being a good sister. We can only imagine what Beyoncé and Solange text each other and I hope to be included in their text conversations one day…

5. Her music is EVERYTHING

All of us have a Beyoncé song we love listening to on repeat. I asked the Lotus Leaf crew what their favourite song is by the infallible queen, and here is what they have to say:

Nicole: “Run the World (Girls)”

“When this song comes up in my gym playlist I get a rush of energy and want to workout faster and harder!”

Jessica: “Schoolin’ Life”

“A great tune to blast while you’re getting ready in the morning, if you’re in the car during a long road trip or when you just need to dance it out (which for me, is often).”

Daliah: “Love On Top”

“It’s a fun and catchy song, and I think it really captures that moment that you know you’re in love because you do put the other person first.”

Kirsten: “Bug A Boo”

“It’s super catchy and takes me back to elementary school days when I choreographed a dance routine to it for a recital.”

Julia: “Best Thing I Never Had”

“I love her voice and the melody. It’s also vulnerable yet empowering at the same time.”

Michael: “Crazy In Love”

It’s the song that started it all. It’s a timeless hit like Prince’s “Purple Rain” or Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Plus, I totally taught myself the “Uh-Oh” dance.

What’s your favourite Beyoncé song? Tell us in the comments below!

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