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At Lotus Leaf, our trend-setting employees love to mix it up when it comes to their wardrobe. Of course, working in a close-knit environment means we like to borrow each other’s style from time to time (#AllTheTime). I’ve only been working at the office a little over two months now, but since my first day I noticed a few fashion trends showing up on everyone, and they’re not disappearing.

Here are 5 fashion trends you can find (at least one of) on everyone, almost every day at the Lotus Leaf office.

  1. The Blanket Scarf

A slight chill continues to linger as the weather transitions from winter to spring but, bundling up at the office with a blanket scarf is one of the hottest trends I notice. The blanket scarf is literally a blanket, but you can pass it off as a scarf, shawl or even a poncho. You can find this trend hanging on everyone’s chair as you arrive at the office, just in case the air conditioning gets out of hand.

  1. Fun Sweatshirts

We like to keep things cool and comfortable at the office (note previous mention of air conditioning getting out of hand), so we love a good, stylish sweatshirt. Of course, your basic sweatshirt won’t always do, I myself can be seen sporting a few fun and daring sweatshirts during the week.

  1. Arm Candy

No, we’re not talking about hot boyfriends (insert crying emoticon). Taking inspiration from our client ALEX AND ANI, the Lotus Leaf team likes to sport charmed arms infused with positive energy. Sometimes we keep it simple with a watch or a bracelet, other times we like to make jingle sounds while typing emails by stacking bracelets and bangles together.

  1. Floral Prints

On Friday, we wear floral. Actually, that’s not a rule but I think we should definitely start a new trend: #FloralFridays. We can’t wait for warmer weather, so we have to remind ourselves by wearing it in our outfits. Florals from the new GUESS Spring/Summer 2015 collection has our minds blooming with ideas and the team loves a good floral print, anywhere from shirts to hats. Floral prints are classic and enjoyable to wear, especially in the spring!

  1. Black Boots

Everyone should own a pair of fashionable black boots. From sleek leather to classic rubber, stylish black boots are perfect to hit the streets and wear to the office, as long as you’re not tracking snow or mud on the floor. Dr. Martens can be seen a ton of at the office, sometimes we like our boots knee-high, other times we keep it chic at the ankles.

Let’s spot how many of the trends each member of the crew is rocking today!

BTW these are not pre-planned outfits, I totally surprised the crew with an impromptu photo shoot. I would also like to point out Daliah was the most prepared by putting on some lipstick right before her photo was taken, always camera ready that one

Nicole Trends

Nicole keeps it sweet and simple, opting for a pair of Dr. Martens black boots.

Rachael Trends

 Rachael is going for the simple yet stylish look too, with a pair of black boots and a simple bracelet.

Michael Trends

Although you can’t see the floral prints on my hat in this shot, I definitely am rocking two out of the five trends!

Kirsten Trends

Kirsten rocks the blanket scarf with some very on fleek heeled black boots and arm candy from ALEX AND ANI.

Jessica Trends

 Twinsie alert: Jessica rocks an ALEX AND ANI bangle and a pair of boots from Dr. Martens, which is pretty much the same outfit as Kirsten – both wore it best, no competition here!

Daliah Trends

The always fashionable Daliah shows us how to rock bold floral print blazer, while keeping the arm candy and footwear chic and simple.

What are your favourite office fashion trends? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Written by Michael Nguyen

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